Residential Dog Owners

Poo's The Boss offers year-round twice weekly, weekly, and one-time dog waste removal services for yards of all sizes. Our friendly and professional technicians will be there to answer nature’s call and clean up after your pet. There are no contracts with our services.

“I am so grateful for Poo's The Boss cleaning our yard weekly!”

– Emily Hernandez, IL

Communities & Associations

Poo's The Boss is the industry leader in managing pet waste for communities and associations, offering dog waste removal and dog waste station installation and maintenance. We even provide dog waste station supplies. Contact us and let's talk about how we can create an effective and affordable dog waste management plan to meet your needs.

Contact Us if this is the right option for you!

"Now that our son is out of the house, we decided to hire Poo's The Boss. I am happy with their service and they have proven to be a dependable company to get the job done."
- Rudy Moreno, IL

Why PTB?

  • Friendly Service

  • PET Assistance Program

  • Month, Yearly or 1x Pick'up

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    River Grove, IL - 60171
  • 708-983-5823

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